Hot!What is the difference between a new construction waste crusher and a traditional crusher?

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What is the difference between a new construction waste crusher and a traditional crusher?

With the continuous development of technology, the crusher has gradually evolved. The improvement of the process for different materials, like the new developed and produced now, is better for the treatment of construction waste. And added a device that can automatically remove iron and remove impurities, and automatically reduce dust and noise. More in line with the current social requirements for environmental protection.
The new construction waste crushing station has improved the previously unreasonable places and used newer materials. The wear parts are more wear-resistant during the operation, and the use time is longer, which greatly reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency. As the pulverizer, its most remarkable feature is environmental protection and pollution. In addition, it adopts the vehicle-mounted mobile frame, which is flexible and convenient to move. When the truck head is pulled, it can reach the construction site, and it is easy to realize the construction waste “turning waste into treasure”. Can save users a lot of investment costs and transportation costs.
The construction waste crusher can be used to produce 4 medium aggregates at the same time. For example, the stable layer in the construction of highways and railways, the recycled aggregates after the construction waste is broken can completely replace the natural sandstone for paving. In urban construction, construction waste recycled aggregates can be processed into more than 30 kinds of brick products such as burn-free bricks, permeable bricks, and tooth bricks, as an important material for paving roads in urban construction.
The new not only solves urban problems, improves the urban environment, but also brings considerable profits to customers and realizes the economic cycle. Gradually, it has become an environmental protection project that many investors are optimistic about. Users who want to invest in the construction waste treatment industry are welcome to call for free consultation.

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