View the wear and tear of the sand machine equipment components to judge the replacement o

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View the wear and tear of the sand machine equipment components to judge the replacement o

Most of the advantages of the are well known. It is also one of the widely used sand making machines, but often we have to go to the sand machine to check where it is, in addition to the problem, and then change, but in fact We can completely detect where the problem is except before the machine has a problem, and then change the part according to the specific problem.
In fact, it is important to check the wear level of the parts. The experienced sander operator can judge whether the new parts are replaced according to the wear degree of the parts. The fixed lining, the dynamic lining and the lining of the sand making machine are easy to wear, and the wear condition is serious, which leads to the product granularity becoming larger. In the initial stage, you can use the gear to turn around, or use the upper and lower heads. The wear of the slab is mostly in the middle and lower parts. When the tooth height is worn off by 3/5, the new lining is required. When the two side linings wear out 2/5, they also need to be replaced. If the shaft wears little, just to repair its geometry, it can be turned on the lathe to bring the journal to the correct geometry and then reduce the bearing inner diameter accordingly. However, after several such treatments, if the journal size is reduced by 5% compared to the original, no turning is allowed, and a new shaft should be replaced.
These are the places where the is relatively easy to wear and should be viewed from time to time. If any of the above situations occur, the staff should replace the parts in time. If the machine is faulty, it will be very troublesome and delay. operating hours.

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