Take everyone to know the advantages and characteristics of high-efficiency sand making ma

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Take everyone to know the advantages and characteristics of high-efficiency sand making ma

With the development of these industries such as construction sand, cement plant sand, railway construction, garden renovation, etc., the sandstone used has certain requirements on the sand making machine due to its own hardness and size. Changed, so various types of were born, such as impact sand making machine, river pebble sand making machine and so on. In order to better meet the needs of the market, the team developed a new high-efficiency sand making machine, and its appearance quickly won the favor of the majority of users. The following small series introduces you to the advantages and characteristics of high-efficiency sand making machine.
Efficient sand making machines have been developed and used in many places. For example, roads, railways, bridges, and other buildings have high-efficiency sand making machines, and no one can develop better equipment. Its performance plays an irreplaceable role in various ore crushing equipment. High-efficiency sand making machine can be widely used in metal and non-metal ore, building materials, artificial sand and various metallurgical slag crushing and shaping. This machine is suitable for brittle materials with Mohs hardness less than 9 grade, not suitable for viscous materials. And stone with more soil.
The high-efficiency sand making machine is a sand making machine with high efficiency for crushing sand and gravel. It is a good at present. Its various accessories are manufactured by combining domestic and foreign technology. Combining the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher, a new sand making machine equipment has been repeatedly tested by enterprise technical experts. The operation is stable and reliable. It adopts double oil pump design. Only one oil pump works in normal operation. If the pressure and flow rate do not reach the set value, or the first oil pump fails, the other oil pump will automatically open, cooperate or replace. The first oil pump operates to ensure the normal operation of the main engine. In addition, in the materials used for wearing parts, we have chosen to use a very high wear resistance material to reduce the maintenance rate. And it is also equipped with a hydraulic opening device that is easy to maintain, which makes it convenient and quick to repair and replace parts in the crushing chamber, reducing downtime and doing its best to save costs for the user. Last but not least, it is able to automatically adjust the size of the discharge opening according to the size of the product to meet the requirements of different environments.

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