Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Sand Making Machine Improves the Quality of Sand Making Produc

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Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Sand Making Machine Improves the Quality of Sand Making Produc

The is the main force of the sand making production line. It is necessary to fundamentally improve the output and quality of the sand stone finished product. The design of the sand making production line and the equipment matching are very important. With the continuous development of the sand making process, the traditional sand making process The working capacity of the equipment is becoming insufficient. In order to meet the increasingly detailed sand making requirements of users, sand making equipment manufacturers have introduced more and more models, and the configuration scheme of the sand making production line has more choices. The whole production line works. It is smoother and more stable, and the quality of production has been significantly improved.
Common sand production line production configuration: feeding device, coarse crushing equipment, secondary crushing equipment, sand making equipment, screening equipment, sand washing equipment, conveying equipment. However, grasping the key aspects of the sand production line, the quality of the sand production line is controlled by you. The factor directly related to the quality of the sand making process is the soul equipment of the complete sand production line – the choice of sand making machine.
The traditional sand making machine faces the demand for more and more detailed sand making, and the working capacity is gradually insufficient. The sand making machine manufacturer improves the working structure based on its technology and introduces more new models, so that users can purchase more superior performance. Sand making equipment. Our main improvement points for sand and gravel equipment include equipment quality, working structure, work performance and environmental protection capabilities.
Taking Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry as an example, we use high-quality steel casting equipment, which can make the sand making machine resist more intense impact, lower single machine failure rate and longer working life. At the same time, we support the lifetime after-sales of equipment, if you are in the later stage In case of failure in production, we will get in touch with us in time, and the staff will quickly rush to the production site to troubleshoot the problem and try not to delay the construction period.
In addition, compared with the traditional model , the working performance of Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Sand Making Machine is comprehensively improved, and the change of crushing cavity helps the material to be fully broken. The finished sandstone has uniform grain size and moderate size. The quality is improved, the shape of the crushing chamber is changed, the feed amount is increased, and the output is also significantly improved. The noise dust in the sand making process is the main source of pollution. For the new sand making equipment, we install dust removal and noise reduction devices to fully capture Dust, reduce noise decibels, is a good helper for green sand.
Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of sand making machines, which solves the production needs for thousands of users. According to your actual production needs, we can tailor the production plan, process design, equipment selection, etc. according to the actual situation. The production line is more stable and the production quality is double guaranteed. If you would like more information or would like to get more information about the quotation, please feel free to contact our staff!

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