Sand making machine is an indispensable equipment in infrastructure projects

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Sand making machine is an indispensable equipment in infrastructure projects

Most of the gravel is processed and its shape is irregular and cannot be better utilized. It needs to be shaped before it can be applied to highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dams, concrete mixing stations, etc. It is used as a high-quality raw material, so it is easy to see that the is an indispensable equipment in infrastructure projects.
The stone shaping machine is also known as the stone shaping machine and sand making machine. It is one of the necessary functions in the sand making machine. It can be used for the shaping of raw materials such as river pebble, granite, limestone, bluestone, basalt, quartz stone, etc. The actual requirements can be designed with a variety of stones, and the shaped stones are more beautiful.
First, the technical advantages of sand making machine
1. Large processing capacity, high production capacity, high content of cube products, excellent gradation, convenient operation and controllable production capacity.
2. The wear parts are low in consumption, and the crushing cavity type adopts a reasonable design method, and the wear-resistant parts have a long service life.
3, hydraulic device, easy to maintain, the internal repair and disassembly of the crushing chamber is convenient and quick, and shorten the maintenance time.
4, the use of thin oil lubrication station, dual pump oil supply system can be automatically thin oil lubrication, to achieve the effect of automatic maintenance.
Second, how much is the price of ?
The price of stone shaping machine is very concerned by most customers. It is affected by the manufacturer's area, material selection, equipment model, design process, etc. The price of equipment varies. Moreover, there is no uniform standard for the quotation of the equipment on the market, the price ranges from tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions. For detailed price information, please consult the corresponding manufacturer's customer service.
Shanghai SBM is working hard for domestic strength stone shaping machine manufacturers. It has flexible and preferential policies at the price of equipment, and adjusts the equipment price to a more reasonable one, so that every customer can enjoy the discounts seen. Please consult the manufacturer for the specific price. Customer service.

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