Hot!Reasons and solutions for the grinding roller of Raymond mill

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Reasons and solutions for the grinding roller of Raymond mill

For the , the material itself is mainly broken by the grinding roller and the grinding ring. When any one of the components has problems, the entire grinding work will not be carried out and the original effect will be lost. Then, the reasons and solutions for the grinding roller of Raymond Mill can be introduced in the following. 1. During the working process of Raymond Mill, there is a new absorption of the grinding roller without rotation, and most of it is caused by grinding into the roller shaft. Because the grinding chamber generates a large amount of powder during the operation of the equipment, the fine-grained powder enters the bearing of the grinding roller, and the lubricating oil and the dust in the bearing are mixed, and the oil scale is easily formed, thereby causing the phenomenon of lubricating oil contamination. 2. In this process, the rotation inside the grinding roller sleeve will be in an abnormal state, and the external contact with the material will generate a large friction, which has a great influence on the wear of the grinding roller. In this state, the time of the grinding roller is shortened, which increases the cost in the production of the device and causes waste of resources. 3. When the roller of the is not rotating properly, it is necessary to stop the maintenance immediately, clean the internal dirt and re-add new lubricant. If the wear is severe, you need to replace the new one. In addition, when the equipment is working, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment parts, thereby reducing the damage in the production, which is of great help to prolong the use time of the equipment. 4. For the phenomenon that the grinding roller of Raymond mill can not move, when the problem is found, the cause should be found and solved in time. At the same time, it is also possible to reduce the damage through daily maintenance, so as to maintain normal work, maintenance work needs to be carried out regularly. The above is the reason why the Raymond mill grinding roller can not move. If you want to know more about this, you can consult the relevant technical staff online and will answer your questions.

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