MapleStory M has a frequent maintenance schedule

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MapleStory M has a frequent maintenance schedule

The Better MapleStory what has been implemented so far part II.Overall, I'd say I'm happy with what has changed so far. However, there are still a few things bottle necking the PaytoWin aspect that is still left over.

We want more options to save and/or recover slots when scrolling our equipment. I am am very grateful for the 2 we get per month in the reward store, but realistically it is not enough when we have 100s of slots . Right now, bots appear to conduct a monopoly on clean slates in game and offer them for 30m MapleStoryM mesos a bit. I would love to see the limit in the reward shop upped to 5 or so per month, or have clean slates drop a great deal more frequently (possibly from zak, hilla, etc) to put down them to 5-10m a bit.

Untradable equipment - mainly Android hearts, but in addition sweetwater equipment, etc.. As somebody who makes most of my money off of kisses and sweetwater, I would rather be broke and find something else to sell and be able to trade these around my MapleStoryM account. Even being able to sharing tag these items will be better than nothing.

I know GMS is limited to exactly what it can do, but Spell Traces have to be updated to reflect what normal scrolls can do. I don't mind weapons being trapped at 9, so that they can make money off Primes with Marvel, but Android hearts ought to also be able to have 9 assault! This would not hurt the Prime market, as min/maxers would still need them. As someone who is probably considered mid class/mid game... All these are the biggest glaring defects to me.
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