Lumber is a great way to generate gold in Runescape

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Lumber is a great way to generate gold in Runescape

Venezuelan gold farmers aren't like the massive armies of bots unleashed on Runescape and other games, occasionally by gold farming companies. Instead, they often spend entire days and weeks farming manually, and they generally work independently, rather than as part of a company. The way a lot of these play up -- to the point where they sell the gold -- does not violate rules as straight as, say, using a bot.

"Runescape has always been dealing with huge gold farming firms in China and other areas of the world," a player who goes by the deal Glow_Party maintained in a DM,"so [what] I could extrapolate from that is that the neighborhood seized the moment to blame [a single ] group of people [even though] they understand these people will not make a difference on the market for Runescape gold" "If you tell them that by killing a player, they'll be harming a household in a little state that nobody cares about, they won't mind killing that participant."

Additionally, Runescape is a game that's been geared toward a younger audience, and young people often suffer from things like compassion and perspective. "Kids play this game, and kids like to troll," said Glow_Party. "I wouldn't take some things these users say badly, because I can tell a few of them are kids with very little life experience"

The situation puts Runescape developer Jagex in a tricky spot, but ultimately, it must look out for the wellness of its game. "Gold farmers, where they are from, do wreck a market and left unchecked can ruin it," senior merchandise manager Mathew Kemp told me in an email. "it's very hard to put into some definitive figure on what effect they've got, but we can observe changes in the player price of items in game when gold farmers concentrate on particular content."
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