How to remove paper from wood frames?

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How to remove paper from wood frames?

Hi there,
I'm planning on framing a set of prints I have that require same look and size frame. Instead of spending a bunch of money on nice frames, I found 10 frames for a great deal as they came from a hotel and are covered in a gold papery film. Almost like wall paper or just paper sticker, shiny smooth thin gold layer on top, stuck on the wood frame.
This gold paper is too tacky for my taste - any suggestions on how to remove it more quickly than the slow peel by hand? I am able to peel off little bits and small sections, which leave most of the sticky film still on, and to soft almost suede-like surface on top since just the gold paper comes off. I tried blow drying a section to melt glue, and it did not do too much. I also soaked to rag and laid it on for a while, but that did not do much either. The gold paper is too plasticky. 
I do not have the soft dream-like film left on, as long as the gold paper is off. I can sand a lot of it, since I plan on painting the frames anyway. I do NOT want to spray the gold film with Rustoleum or other. 
Please help
I did not find the right solution from the internet.
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