Hot!How to choose the scale mill production line vertical mill equipment

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How to choose the scale mill production line vertical mill equipment

How much is the price of flake graphite? What kind of production line equipment can be used to process the scale graphite powder to increase its market price? The is a high-efficiency flour production line with high production efficiency and high performance. It can process 325-2500 mesh ultra-fine flake graphite powder. Production is 10-25 tons per hour. As a vertical mill manufacturer, SBM heavy machine not only produces scale graphite powder vertical mill, but also produces graphite ultra-fine powder mill, graphite superfine mill and graphite vertical mill to meet the production needs of different customers and realize the diversification of scale graphite. development of.
Flake graphite is a kind of natural graphite and an excellent carbon material. It has broad application value in China's high-tech fields and new energy fields. Efficient processing of this abundant mineral resources can promote China's economic development and improve. People's production and living standards. Let's take a look at the market, use and processing equipment options for graphite.
1, the use of flake graphite
Scale graphite as a raw material for the production of various graphite powders, the structure and properties of flake graphite are very superior, the lubricity of flake graphite makes the flake graphite can be applied in the field of production of lubricated materials, the high temperature resistance of flake graphite can make scales Graphite is used in the field of refractory materials, and various properties of flake graphite have played their due role in various industrial fields.
2, scale graphite powder production line equipment selection
Vertical mill is a high-efficiency milling production line equipment. It is also a high-efficiency powder production line equipment recommended by SBM heavy machine. It has energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production performance. It can be equipped according to the scale graphite classification. It is processed with scale graphite powder and high. Excellent production line equipment for pure flake graphite and flake graphite powder. SBM heavy machine TLZJ11 model machine integrates crushing, drying, grinding and conveying. The process flow is simple, the system equipment is small, the structure is compact, and the floor space is small. It is only 50% of the ball mill. It can be set up in the open air. The low cost directly reduces the investment cost of the enterprise and is an ideal equipment for efficient production.

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